Changing up the Script

I made one of those annoyingly vague tweet announcements a while ago, saying I had a very cool project to share with you.

Though I’m not at the perfection point at which I’d like to be (are we ever?) I’ve decided to share it with you.

Please meet Kimmish, the Calligrapher:


I became obsessed with lettering videos early in the year and realised I was dying to try it myself. Six months and many pages of practice later, here I am. Still with a HELLA long way to go but really loving my progress. So much so that a few friends have already started commissioning work.

I started off wanting to do traditional dip-pen (known as pointed pen) calligraphy. This is still my main point of interest, and I enjoy working on this the most because it’s more precise and has more ‘rules’, which in turn makes your improvement easier to monitor. I have also spent a small fortune on brush pens for brush lettering. This is much more casual and modern, with a lot more adaptability and range in terms of mediums and textures. I’ve toyed with embossing, lettering pens and paints themselves.


Casual Pointed Pen
watercolour paint & paintbrush
“faux calligraphy” with gold marker over watercolour
Metallic marker & copic markers


Every day it improves a bit more and I’m really enjoying developing my own style, even though it’s taking a while. I’ll be sharing my work here and on my Instagram account: The Kimmish. Every time I post I’ll be discussing my journey to this point. Please contact me (contact section at the bottom of the post) if you’re interested in commissioning any work. More details on this soon.

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