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If you’re tight for cash, you can always buy clothes from the fast-fashion stores. You know the item won’t last long, but it’s a quick fix to keep you clothed and looking good. But if you want a lovely piece of clothing that you know will be in your closet for years and years, you’re going to be prepared to pay more.

When you go for the cheap, quick fix, you might get lucky and have a good product. But you can’t – and shouldn’t – count on it.

There are some places, however, where taking the shortcut is actually dangerous – maybe superficially; maybe seriously. You can throw that cheap top away, no damage done. But one thing I have personally never messed with is my face. (Or my hair for that matter – all the same reasons apply.) I mean – it’s my face, you know? You can hide a bulge you don’t like with clever clothing, you can tie back your hair when you don’t have time to blow-dry it; but you can’t hide much on your money-maker. Make-up is awesome and helps loads of us get through a stupid blemish or long night. But truly healthy skin glows through anything you put over it – something I’ve discovered myself.

Obviously I’ve not always been financially able to have monthly facials or buy expensive products – the good news is that I have personally found out that skincare DOES NOT need to be expensive. But you have to do it right and you have to have the correct referrals and go to people who know what they’re doing.

This ain’t no Beauty Blog but something you should know is that I’m rather besotted with skincare, makeup, hair tutorials and manicures. I’m over 30 now (GASP! – sarcasm font) so it’s officially recommended that I take active steps to repair any skin damage done and to prevent premature ageing. I’ve upped my home routine to a lovely skin care range for age-prevention, and last year I did light peels when I could fit them into my budget.

So I want to talk about that scary word: PEELS! It used to FREAK me out properly. The idea of peeling the skin off your face seemed ludicrous and, frankly, dangerous. Ignorance is sometimes counter-productive, it seems. When Kayla, my therapist at SkinRenewal Parkhurst suggested a peel instead of a deep cleanse facial, I gave her proper side eye.

Kayla – and all the therapists at skinrenewal – are very well informed about the products they use. From the stuff you can buy to the treatments used in their facility – any questions I have are always answered simply but thoroughly, so I always know what to expect.

I won’t go too into the details of the peel, as the people in the know will be far better at it than me. But the process mostly goes: peel treatment >> redness & sensitivity >> slight peeling > GLOW. You’re provided with a protective barrier cream and high SPF to use in the few days following the treatment, and that gets you through the phase of sensitivity.

Then you start waking up like this and flipping your hair and smiling and walking in slow mo.

I would highly recommend this to anyone getting married or just starting off their skin recovery treatments. It’s a good introductory way to get into the world of skin treatments that will improve the overall condition of your skin. My own results? Very supple skin; very smooth texture; clear clear clear pores (for someone with big pores this is a YAY) and that GLOW that I cannot actually describe to you. You know it’s good when you can notice a difference in your own face.

Which is why I’m now moving onto the more intense face treatments. I trust Kayla and SkinRenewal so I feel really safe using the stronger methods, which I’ll be assessing live right here and on my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I’m going to post pics – no make up, no filter – of how my skin is doing after each treatment. I went for this peel two weeks ago. I’ll post pics over the next while so you can get a real grasp of peel recovery. Your skin can be red, it will be sensitive to sun and it might actually peel too – much like you would after sunburn. (Not like scaly clumps of skin. Gross.) These are all signs that the treatment is doing what it’s supposed to.

Kayla using some fancy electrode device to help the moisturising acid used after the peel to absorb deeply into the epidermis. I know – moisture and acid don’t normally sound complimentary so I’m just as shocked as you!
Right after the peel. I have barrier cream & SPF 50 on here, which is why it’s a bit glowy/shiny, and I can FEEL the deep moisture it’s providing. I am wearing mascara but no other makeup.
4 days after the treatment. Pores are GONE, skin is super supple and feels plump and young. Full results show about a week after the peel.
Again, only wearing mascara, no other makeup and no filter.

If you’re interested in trying any of these treatments out, let me know here, or contact the clinic directly. Seriously, I couldn’t recommend a better place to start loving your skin – I can physically feel the smoothness in my face when I’m washing it or applying moisturiser. Glowy AF.



Full Disclosure: I have been a client at skin renewal for 3 years. During this time there has been a noticeable improvement in my skin condition. While a good ol’ facial isn’t likely to do any harm, they also aren’t likely to have the benefits of proper, dermatologically-scientific treatments. I will never recommend something I do not fully believe in, nor suggest you spend money on something I haven’t paid for myself. I have paid for the above-mentioned treatments myself over the past 3 years. In exchange for my endorsement of the treatments, I am receiving a few for free. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions should you have them. 

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