Give your hair some winter love <3

I’ve told you about the awesome hair oils out there and why it’s so important to use them – especially during winter.

If you do have dryer hair or thin hair that doesn’t like regular oil application, the best solution for winter dryness will always be a good in-salon treatment.

What’s even better, is using the K-Mist with said awesome in-salon treatment.

The K-Mist Treatment opens up the hair cuticles allowing the treatment to go deeper into the cortex of the hair. It then re-seals the cuticle, locking the treatment in.


I go in for these treatments regularly, and I’d recommend it for anyone who colours their hair, or anyone who suffers from damaged or dry hair. It improves the condition of your hair exponentially – plus the head massage adds that element of delicious relaxation!

You can book a K-Mist treatment at and Gary Rom Hairdressing salon.

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