Interesting Facts about “Flowers in the Attic”

Last week I let you in on a secret –Lifetime is launching in SA this month on DStv (YAY) and they’re screening a movie adaptation of one of my all-time favourite books – Flowers in the Attic.

In preparation for this (’cause you need to ready yourself for the creepy and awesome), here are some cool facts you might find useful before watching the movie premiere. I’ll also always recommend reading the book first if you can!

  1. The novel was first published in 1979 by V.C. Andrews
  2. The first film adaptation was made in 1987, and the second in 2014
  3. The book was extremely popular, selling over 40 million copies worldwide
  4. The novel was banned in some schools due to the “offensive passages concerning incest and sexual intercourse”
  5. The novel was said to be based on a true story, loosely mirroring a similar account

I’m really looking forward to the 2014 adaptation as I think it’s a rather difficult story to capture with its raw emotional themes and sensitive yet relevant issues. And let’s not forget that it stars the gorgeous Heather Graham, and seriously talented teen, Kiernan Shipka.

Here’s another preview to whet your appetite:

Make sure you’ve stocked up on hot chocolate and tissues, then tune into DStv, channel 131 on 27 July at 20:00 for the premiere.

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