Lettering Week 1

Derwent Inktense Pencils with UniPin 005 Fineliner

I have some BIG plans for lettering in 2017. Not the least of which includes my personal #365DaysOfLettering Challenge. It’s so important when honing a skill to practice, practice practice. As we say in the Calligra-Community, “Practice Makes Progress”. (Even master penmen don’t say their work is perfect.) While this applies to everything, even more so to art, lettering and calligraphy. I have done 12 lettering works already but I am behind on my posting, so I’ll be posting a few a day on Instagram and Facebook until I catch up. I’ll share daily posts while I have 3 or so pics a day, then 1 weekly update on my lettering adventures!

**In order to keep practicing, I need things to LETTER! So while I wrack my brain for phrases and words, if you’d like me to letter something please comment here, or on my Instagram/Facebook pages.

Blue pumpkin nib with Sumi Ink | #ThoughtsAndJots Challenge |
‘szerelem’ is Hungarian for ‘love’. Pentel Brush Pen in Brown | #GLoveLettering Challenge |
My Lettering Terry Pratchett Challenge, #TerryThursdays. Still struggling to photograph my pearl inks – shiny AF in person which is lovely, but a bitch to catch in a still picture. (I actually did this months ago – happy to notice how much my copperplate has improved!) 
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