Lettering Week 2: 3D effects

I see so much beautiful Typography on Instagram; I can’t help but be inspired by the amazing design. So, first I played:

Done with Unipin 005 and 03

And then I applied some more 3 dimensionality with a thrilling result.

Unipin 005 with Tombow Dual Brush pens. SO chuffed with this.

It’s also very popular to shade brush lettering to give it a 3D effect – like the letters are jumping out of the page. There are a number of methods, but the light pink didn’t need much more than a soft, grey shadow.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens
Tombow Dual Brush pens used for both background & lettering. White gel pen used for highlighting.

Another way to add even more depth is to do a double shadow with white highlighter. I wrote this over a watercolour background I did using my Tombows.
Comment with your name and I’ll do a 3D version for you!

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