Lettering Week 2: Pointed Pen

I love brush lettering, but I love pointed pen a whole lot more. There is little that is quite as satisfying as that scratching sound the nib makes on the paper; the steady flow of more ink on the downstrokes; the smooth flexibility of the tines expanding. This is my real passion with lettering, and it’s a LOT harder than lettering with brush pens and paint brushes, for no other reason other than modern calligraphy needs to be uniform and consistent. It’s not as forgiving with spacing and shape accuracy. Maybe that’s why I love it so much – there’s so much to keep learning! Here is some work I’ve done in the past week:

Carrie Fisher. She was awesome in so many ways.
The background is done with Tombow Dual Brush Pens, blended together using a handy plastic watercolour technique. Gold ink written over it.
Another #LetteringResolutions. I love words more than anything, and I realised I need to start making time for reading even more.
My sister and I treated ourselves last weekend. Decided to introduce some flourishing to my lettering. The reflections unfortunately take away from the deep black of this ink.

As always, you’re welcome to request any lettering right here!

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