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I’m in the mood for some serious blingage. Glitter me the F up. I used to suppress my inner magpie. But several million hours on Pinterest have taught me that there are many ways to embrace the love for shine. I’ve put together boards of metallic and shiny inspiration for every element of life – because everyone needs some sparkle.

Glam your tech: 

There’s a pair of MiMCO rose gold headphones that I’m dying to get my hands on, but Woolies has no stock because they’re clearing dead-set on breaking my heart. So while I wait I’m living out my shiny fantasies with blingy iPhone covers. I love how tech has become so customisable and personal, and this is just how I like it:

metallic tech


Threads & Accessories:

Glitter is ALWAYS better than no glitter. I have an amazing pair of silver glitter loafers that I bought at Mr Price five years ago (yes, FIVE frikkin years) and I wear them all the time. If full on sequin-shine isn’t your thang, there are so many ways to add metallic elements – rose gold sunnies or shimmery scarves will brighten up any day IMHO:

metallic fashion


Shine at home: 

Copper is still a major trend and I don’t see it going anywhere – it adds such a gorgeous statement to any home space. Doing metallics or shine at home is easy because there are so many options – from going small with gold accessories to going all-out with marble-gold wallpaper, which is exactly what I’m doing in my bedroom. Can we all stand back in awe at this brass bar cart while we’re at it?

metallic interior


Make-Up your Shined:

It’s nothing new and it’s also never going to be old – shimmer in makeup is a showstopper. Whether it’s subtle use of shine to add light to your eyes and cheeks, or full on glimmer eyelids – I love it all. And that copper painted lip was too stunning not to add:

metallic makeup

What’s your favourite way to bring in the bling?

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