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You may know that last year my mom battled breast cancer for the second time. After 17 (yes, SEVENTEEN) years clear. As a matter of interest – and typical cancer-style assholery – my mum had a double mastectomy when she was first diagnosed 17 years ago. How did she get breast cancer again, you might ask? Because the strains of breast cancer are very, very complex and come in many forms. Hers was a type of what I call “systemic” breast cancer. In other words, the cancer just hung out stagnant in her body for nearly two decades until it found an opportunity to rear its ugly head.

Because of her age and the aggression of the cancer my mum had to do six months of chemo. Anyone who has gone through chemo – whether personally or through a loved one – knows what a bastard it can be. It made her sick, it took away any appetite she had, and while she started her chemo UNBELIEVABLY positively, it did get her down. It’s an awful time and my mom is amazing and got through it with a¬†bravery and resilience that was constantly tested. I’ll never really be able to explain how proud of her I am.

Her treatment ended at the end of July last year and she’s had to go for regular scans and blood markers. And this week we found out that she is CLEAR of cancer! I’m not great at processing things – unlike my sisters who are super-emotional reactionaries – I’m the muted person nodding logically in the corner clapping quietly. This doesn’t mean I’m not feeling the euphoria deep down, it just takes a while to read my stupid, resisting brain.

SO YAY – mummy is clear AND she and my dad are coming to visit me this weekend so tonight The Marine and I are taking them out to celebrate the FUCK out of beating cancer. Because I think we need to celebrate every little victory against that sonofabitch.


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