Winter Hair: How to get that dryness to SUCK IT (literally)

DisclaimHAIR: I’m not a beauty blogger, and while i may post the odd beauty product or bit of advice every now and then, I’ll leave that stuff to the pros. But one thing I do know, ladies, is HAIR. I’ve loved doing my hair and experimenting (within reason) my whole life, and through a lot of practice and tuition (via my wonderful stylists at Gary Rom Hairdressing), I’ve learnt tons. I’ve learned all about the effects of various processes, I’ve figured out what colours go with which skin tones, I’ve tried ALL the products and all the hairstyles. So every now and then I’ll be sharing a little Hairspiration – feel free to abuse it! 🙂

dry hair

Winter hair can suck.

If your hair is finer, you probably struggle with a lot of static. All of us suffer from some dryness, and if you highlight your hair the dry winter air can be particularly damaging.

When you’re faced with this kind of problem, there is only one solution: product. Good quality product.

I’m not in the habit of nay-saying or slating any particular brand/product. But I have to put it out there when it could be wasting your time.


coconut oil


The coconut oil revolution started a while ago. Everyone was raving about the benefits for hair and skin, and now it’s the go-to cooking oil for Banting. Well, if you are a Noakes disciple, at least you can use it for that. Because coconut oil, unfortunately, does nothing to moisturise or repair your hair. It may ‘sit’ on the strands, but simply put, the particles of coconut oil are too big to be absorbed by your hair, and even your skin. It won’t do any damage, but it can end up making your hair greasy, and cause build up. So while it does seem like a wonderfully simple and well-priced solution to the dry hair problem, I’m afraid it’s ineffective.

Moroccan oils and oil blends specifically designed for hair will always be the best way to go.

Gary Rom Hairdressing sells Kerastase’s Elixir, L’Oreal Professional’s Mythic Oil, and their own Baobab Oil.


Screenshot 2014-07-15 15.23.47

Now we know I’m sponsored by the wonderful GRH. I have tried all three of the above-mentioned products. They’re all superlative, obviously, being formulated by the top labs in the business.

The difference is that Baobab Oil is designed with the South African climate in mind. Our weather is very unique and we therefore require specific things from our hair products. Baobab Oil is wonderfully rich and healing without any heaviness – your hair absorbs it within minutes. You can use it as often as you need to, be that twice a day, once a day or once a week – it doesn’t build up.

On top of being a great moisturising agent for dry winter hair, I never, ever use heat styling tools without smoothing my hair with Baobab oil afterwards. (Sometimes mixed in with my heat protector too!) It leaves a wonderful shine on your hair and will eliminate fly-aways and any static (HOORAY!).

For more info on Gary Rom products and to find a salon, click here.

If you have any pricing questions (or any others) feel free to ask me! 🙂

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